Wishing everyone a happy and fun-filled 2011

The last day of the old year and it is cold outside but comfortably warm indoors here in my hometown of Lewes in England.

I know that there are parties to go to and people to see and fun to be had but it is New Year’s Eve, Hogmanay,  and something tells me that I don’t want to do any of that.

The Christmas holidays have been great and now I am out-partied and there are logs on the fire, nectar in the decanters…….

…and the odd festive dvd to watch.  I might even get down that teapot with its newly seasonal cozy which was given to me this year by one of this blog’s most avid readers. Who knows what I will do but I entend to enjoy this special night when, like anyone with any Scottish blood in their veins, I shall be in that no man’s land between the past and the future, between celebration and melancholy and, one way or another, deep down somewhere inside, putting my own house in order for the new year.

When that midnight hour approaches I shall be toasting the New Year with a “wee dram” of an extremely old, very expensive and, sadly, now obsolete whisky that a friend gave me in celebration of my return to full health.  I suspect, by that time, I will have found some way of hearing the stirring and exciting strains of the bagpipe too. Something like this, maybe:

Whatever you, my readers, are doing, I wish you all well and hope that you will have a very happy and fulfilling year in 2011.

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