Wisteria tells a winter’s tale to chill you to the bone.

There is a wonderful row of wisteria plants growing in a walled garden in my hometown of Lewes, England.

Wisteria is  beautiful with late Spring flowers and a perfume to rival anything in the plant kingdom but some people complain that it can be rather dull for the rest of the year. These majestic and elderly specimens tell a different story.

Every year they are pruned perfectly and stand proudly above that old brick wall telling winter’s tales which can be exciting or just plain spine-chilling on a sunny winter’s afternoon.

Perversely, love the flowers and foliage as I do, I almost prefer them in winter when they look like this – I always make a point of walking down to where these plants rule and stand in awe of them for a few moments.

Try it sometime – especially with some spooky crows crying overhead.

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