The Wolf goes hunting

I knew they were there. I could hear them moving in the shadows. They were fearless, ruthless and they were coming my way.

It was just a matter of time so I sat and waited – new gun on my lap and an extra beat in my heart. Sometimes a man needs to be patient and just sit, watching and waiting, finger on the trigger.

They were out there somewhere, I knew that. I got into position and trained my eye over the landscape. First to the right…..

…then to the left……and there they were alright….two of them. Just hold it Wolfie, let them settle, get them in your sights…right… front of you…ready…!

Got’em! Two of the critters….the first one on his ribs…..

…the second one up its ass as it ran……….

The war has begun. One man against six cats – fighting over a single territory. Is it a garden or is it a collective neighbourhood cat tray? I know what I think that’s why I am the proud owner of a new Mizumi Ken Sword Water Blaster – range up to 30 feet and a whole lot of fun! Every office should have one. Two down, four to go. RESULT!


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