Wolfie goes back to the gym – and here are the crappy iphone photos to prove it.

OK, I know they look naff, those mobile phone photos with sad-looking geezer, looking at phone looking at mirror image down the gym, but, hey, everyone else does it, so why not me too!

Going to the gym is a psychologically delicate habit for me – I have been doing the old fitness circuit in these places for decades, mostly pretty regularly, but every now and then I just drop out of it and sink into an unfit stupor. I’ve been like it for a couple of months now and I’m sure my closest friends can see the difference even if they are too kind to give me a detailed run down on my physical condition. So I thought I would make a statement with my beloved iPhone as my witness.

So, yes folks, I’m back.

I’ve been down to my local gym – just minutes away from my house, every day this week for a forty minute, non-stop aerobic routine involving some of the machines you can see in these crappy photos – cross-trainer, treadmill, cycle and, my special favourite, the rowing machine.

This is followed by some sit-ups and stretches some of them learned in China on a memorable trip four years ago. It feels good so far….the old adrenalin is flowing again along with the endorphins and I am beginning to get that great sense of euphoria that you get when you’ve pushed yourself to the top of your capabilities. So, if you are my friends, remind me of this whenever I say I’m going to give up again.

Now that the snow has gone, I’m also back ou in my garden for my kungfu practice – who knows, I might even get my old fitness back. I do also feel knackered, of course, so I’m looking forward to the planned two days off this weekend.


  1. Not to clutter your blog with my comments, but today I will admit to not especially appreciating you or your new fitness programme (though really, good on you, Colin).

    I, on the other hand, who am in dire need of regular exercise, am driving out to the countryside to fill a prescription for my dog. For some reason, I long ago got it into my head that this particular drive entitles me to two vanilla donuts and coffee for the journey. I think my cardiologist might have a different opinion, especially since my dog is old and ill, requiring more frequent trips to the vet.

    I keep telling myself that once I move back to the States this summer I will return to a routine of regular walking exercise. Until then, I will rely upon the good effects of your increasing fitness rubbing-off on me in the same way I do your poetic prowess.

    Such imaginations, these poet folks.

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