Wolfie is back on the free weights with a touch of kungfu too – it feels good.

I’ve moved on again at the gym this week with a new programme that sees me graduating back – at last – to free weights. It’s been a long time – pre-haemorrhage days – since I’ve been allowed to get back here. I’m pushing myself and it feels just great.

I’m combining the weights with ten minutes interval training on the cross-trainer,  my usual six kungfu patterns and touch of low horse stance (a minute plus) and a lot of stretching. On alternate days I am running on the treadmill.

Now I know it can be very boring just listing your fitness programme but try to bear with me and think of it as encouragement for yourselves because if I can do it then so can you.

Chen ShiXing

For those of you that might be amazed that I’m still practicing my kungfu, here’s a video brought to my attention byAlex Cheung, a martial artist and a reader of my blog on Wadung Master Chen ShiXing (19th April 2010).  Alex Cheung wrote: “Hi there, it was good to hear about Master Chen. It was about a year ago that I’ve trained with him at the Wudang mountain. As a practitioner of Wudang Kung Fu I would like to share my experience with you”. Thanks Alex.

Alex reminded about Master Chen ShiXing’s visit to my kungfu club here in Lewes, White Crane Fighting Arts:      www.whitecranefightingarts.com/

His taichi performance inspired one of my Fibonacci poems, Self Defence published in Issue 6 of The Fib Review http://www.musepiepress.com/fibreview/issue6/wolfiewolfgang3.html

Thanks for reminding me Alex. Here’s his video – it brings back some happy memories:

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