Wolfie’s arty new photos – all thanks to a cool new piece of camera equipment.

A photographer friend, David Stacey  (see Links), told me about this complex and arty type of photography where you spend our in a dark room breathing in poisonous chemical fumes and getting body hairs into the liquid by mistake all in the quest for the moody art photograph.

So struggled away to show that wolfie can be quite arty with his camera if he wants to be.

Actually, I am lying. David told me about a cheap “app” for my iPhone (when I say cheap I mean £1.19)  – so I bought it, it is an iPhone camera add-on called Hipstamatic. There are other lenses too for an extra 0.59p.

Oh yes, about that lie, I didn’t spend any time at all doing these – all they are literally the first four pictures I clicked directly, within seconds, after I had uploaded the app and when I had no idea how the camera worked. Arty or what! I know that I shall have loads of fun. I almost feel like a neurotic poet from a bad 1940s movie – very hipstamatic.


  1. Yes, I'm fine, thanks.

    I think I can attest to a greater case of arrested development than yourself. I have made no tangible progress since the age of 16. I continue to while away my days strumming a guitar, listening to Bob Dylan records and my primary mode of transport remains a bicycle. And as for being stupid, I'm known round these parts as Lord Stupid.

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