Wolfie’s Caffè Obama

I have renamed Caffè Americano for the American election period. In several restaurants around Lewes and Brighton I have asked them to do the same. So, please everyone, until American election night, let’s all call Caffè Americano,  Caffè Obama. You know it makes sense.

This is how I make it at home. I use Columbian coffee beans….

…put two handfulls into the grinder….

heat some hot water to 80 degrees fahrenheit…

…turn on the electric grinder….

…grind the coffee to a fine powder and start enjoying the aroma of freshly ground coffee….

…pour the hot water into the cafetière whilst controlling your excitement….

…let it stand for two minutes – don’t rush this even though you’re gagging for it…

…plunge whilst enjoying that feeling of detonation…

…pour into the largest mug you can find…

…and there you have it – Wolfie’s Caffè Obama. Now all you have to do, if you are an American citizen, is to vote for Barrack Obama. If you’re not American, just enjoy your coffee and hope that the United States gets this election right. There are enough bad leaders here in Europe and beyond, let’s not get ourselves the wrong American President too.

If you’ve made yourself a cup, just sit back now and listen to the Ink Spots singing the best coffee song ever written:

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