Wolfie’s grooming crisis and that barber from Venezuela.

Luis Martinez

I need a haircut. It’s not just that I’m vain though that has quite a lot to do with it. No it’s more because I’ve been spoiled. Five years ago,  I used to live in a small Sussex village, in the sticks as my London friends would say, where there was a small shop that sold home-grown vegetables, locally baked cakes and bread; an organic butcher’s that could seduce vegans as well as vegetarians; a pub that served gourmet food but didn’t forget that a bar is meant to be a bar;  a garage that looked after my car. That was about it apart from some of the most beautiful countryside in Sussex. Oh yes, there was also Luis Martinez’ hair salon, London sophistication situated in a disused barn. It seemed only normal for this quirky place that the village should have a genius Venezuelan hairdresser – and why not! Well Luis became my Venezuelan hairdresser and my friend – not just because he’s a great guy but, much more importantly, he knew that I didn’t want an old geezer cut and he, more than anyone,  could avoid making me look a pillock too. So thanks Luis.
Now the problem.
I moved ten miles down the road to my new home in Lewes and for a year it was easy driving back to his salon for a monthly cut. Then I had a brain haemorrhage and since then I haven’t been allowed to drive. I suppose I could have just changed hairdressers – there are three just round the corner from my house. Well, come on, I’ve admitted that I’m vain. Fortunately this grooming crisis was averted because Luis, who is always busy, decided that if I couldn’t make it to his place, he would just have to come to mine. So for five years, he’s arrived once a month to cut my hair – usually in the garden- and I still don’t look a pillock. Well do I? Don’t answer that one.
wolfiewolfgang (hair by Luis Martinez)
This week, I need a haircut but Luis can’t make it. He says that just once this once I can try somewhere else and I shall – reluctantly. Next time he comes, I suspect I’ll be getting a marine cut to wipe away the damage.
Thanks anyway Luis. They say you know your real friends because they are the ones who go out of their way to help in a crisis. Luis is that guy.
If you want to try his salon, here is a link

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