Wolfie’s guide to writing poetry with complete list of necessary tools.

Today is National Poetry Day here in the UK, so I thought I’d mark it – as I did yesterday, by working on a new poem. I tried to do what mostly works for me when tackling a new project. I cleared my desk, cleared my mind and let some ideas flow. I never know, of course, if those ideas are any good or not but that’s the excitement and frustration of attempting this challenging and exposing form of writing. So, yesterday, for example, I followed my plan. The desk is cleared, the computer purring and the sunshine is pouring through my window. I go downstairs to make some coffee, in my favourite green-handled mug, and decide, I won’t go back upstairs after-all.  Spontaneously, I sat at a downstairs table with my coffee, a pencil and a pad of blank paper. It’s all you need and, if, you’re not a coffee addict like me, you just need the pencil and paper.


It worked for me –  the beginnings of a new poem gradually made its way onto that blank sheet of paper and I then brought it back upstairs to that little room that I had to pains-takingly prepared for the task. All I would say, dear readers, is if you want to write a poem, just write it – anywhere, on anything you can find, with anything that will leave a mark. Just don’t  put if off. Why not write a poem today, on National Poetry Day.


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