Wolfie’s lesson of the week: Don’t forget your keys.

Wolfie’s lesson of the week: Make sure you always have your keys with you.

Otherwise you will be stranded outside and you will almost inevitably have to wait in the pub until you are rescued. Being rescued can sometimes take a very long time. Don’t believe the writing on the glass. This was not a pint of Fullers but a pint of Lewes’ own Harvey’s Best.

Next week’s resolution: To be careful not to do it again.

Lucky for me that I live just round the corner from the excellent Lewes Arms.

Luckily too that I had some friends to keep me company and, of course, my download of new band Octopuses’ single, Sarcastic on my iPod. (See Wednesday’s blog)

You too can download it on:

https://itunes.apple.com/gb/album/sar… www.bigsaladrecords.com

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