Wolfie’s self-acupressure massage for those bits that ache.

Ever since I took up Kungfu, I have tried to learn about the body’s pressure points for martial arts it was a question of learning where to strike your opponent but then I went on to discover the benefits of using those points for acupressure massage. I keep a chart in my study but, of course, the more I look at it, the more complicated the whole thing becomes.

I have a few books on the subject too (especially recommended, Acupressure by Michael Reed Gash http://www.piatkus.co.uk and The way to locate acupoints by Yang Jiasan published by Foreign Languages Press Beijing) which have added to the knowledge I gained under the healing hands of my kungfu instructor, Neil Johnson (White Crane Fighting Arts – see Links) who has performed some near miraculous cures to some of my injured bits over the years….

…and my acupressure massage guru Ash Hansraj (see Links) who is not frightened of putting on the pressure in the interests of healing and rejuvenation.

For a few weeks now I have been suffering from the return of an old viral infection which heads straight for my muscles creating an unpleasant pain which feels like something between tooth-ache and cramp. It is particularly bad in my left leg at the moment though if it gets bored there it goes on a spiteful journey around my body. I decided I had ignored the possible self-acupressure so over the last few days I got out my books and my charts and had a go.

I started here with the pressure point known as High Mountains or less poetically as B 60. It is found between the back edge of the anklebone and the achilles tendon and all you have to do is gently push with a finger ideally with the leg over your other knee.

At first I thought this cannot really work but after applying the pressure for a couple of minutes, I could already feel some relief.

The amazing thing about the body’s pressure points is that you feel the effect not just where you apply the pressure but in many other points around the body.

Then I went on what is known as Three Mile Point or St 36. This is somewhere everyone should know about. It is not just an impressive pain relief site but it also helps reinvigorating the whole body so even long distance walkers use this during their epic journeys. You can find it  four finger widths below the kneecap and one finger width from the outside of the shinbone.

I am definitely feeling less pain after doing this regularly so I plan to use self-acupressure more often. It is great too for relieving tension, headaches, back pains, insomnia and, dare I say,  neurosis – all my minor ailments in fact. I might post some suggestions from other points round the body too one day.

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