Wolfie’s shameless plug of the week: Foxes! album to be released in January

Foxes! album cover

Adam Bell

Adam Bell, one of my sons, is a songwriter, guitarist and can generally be described as an indie rock musician, He has, as I have mentioned here before, a band called Foxes! with three other people including his wife Kayla, a strange Newfoundland person who sings, plays the drums and does all their artwork.

Kayla Bell

Their debut album, called just “Foxes!” is now scheduled for release on 16th January next year and I am really excited about it.

 It is full of good things including Oh Rosie, a song that Kayla has just animated. Good luck to them.  you can find out more about them @  http://www.bigsaladrecords.com/

This may be a shameless plug but, believe me, you will like them.

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