Wolfie’s three new Fibonacci poems published today

I have three new poems published today in The Fib Review – you can read them by clicking here www.musepiepress.com and then The Fib Review left hand column of the Muse-Pie Press home page:
You can also get to it by clicking on to The Fib Review’s image further down the page.
If you’re interested, kind or parient enough to read more of my Fibonacci poetry then there is an archive section too – click on Writer Archive at the top of The Fib Review #13 home page and there you’ll find all of my Fibonacci poems published since #5.
Of course, this isn’t all about me! Look at the amazing range of poems written in the fascinatingly precise and yet liberating Fibonacci style.

Meanwhile, I’m getting ready for the publication of my novel Stephen Dearsley’s Summer Of Love, published by Ward Wood Publishing (see links) – I am setting up a direct link for my blog readers to buy the book directly from Amazon and, hopefully, The Book Depository or directly from the publishers. Here’s a trial link to Amazon where you can already order a copy. Just click on the novel’s title and go to the site.

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