wolfiewolfgang has never been so neat and tidy

If any of you have been following me this week, you will know that I have used the excuse of being ill with a sinus infection to clear out my study which had degenerated into a chaos of papers and books with all the drawers filled with years of unnecessary and neglected rubbish.

It had reached the point of no return so, all week, I have been sorting things in that vaguely pleasant nerdy state that goes with recovering from a minor illness. The result, to my eyes at least, is undiluted pleasure.

As you can see, I am not hiding anything. There are no piles of rubbish behind the camera, I promise.

I have now given a place to everything that I have decided to keep and I now know where everything is.

Even the problem drawer that many of you voted on, has taken on a sensible, almost grown-up appearance. For those of you who care about these things, the yo-yo and the spinning top stayed but, sad though it was to part, the old bouncy ball has gone to that place in the sky where old balls get their bounce back. So, not that I need it, a round of applause please. Just don’t ask me to show you the loft.


  1. That is amazing. Well done. Glad to see the old GTV rules of a 'clear desk' have come back to you. You have embarassed me enough to have a go at mine! It will be hard to match the 'designer' chic of yours though.

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