Wolfiewolfgang is staying calm but has Internet connection problems.

I haven’t shouted or hit anything – yet – my Internet provider tells me that everything will be OK and that I will receive a visit this afternoon from an engineer and that I shouldn’t worry about anything. Well OK then I won’t even if they told me it was fixed last Friday. Anyway I’m calm and posting this from my smartphone. Stay tuned and the engineer will soon have us back in communication again. It’s true my internet provider told me so over the phone. They also asked if they could do anything else for me – tempted though I was I refrained from saying anything provocative. See you all later, have a nice day whilst I go outside to scream.

This is an encouraging sign – just spotted outside on this rainy morning:

The engineer turned up as promised and, so far, things seem to be working again. I have a smart new router too – apparently my old one had been used by Noah on his ark.

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