wolfiewolfgang knows just what The King’s Speech was about – so here he goes.

Everyone has, by now, seen the Oscar-winning movie The King’s Speech and, since then, a lot of them ask me about it knowing that I developed a stammer after my brain haemorrhage of just over two years ago. Whatever I thought of the film (and I reviewed it here if you want to check it out), I certainly identified with King George VI’s speech difficulties and, without any pretense of royalty, I also identified with the sequence when he actually has to sit in that little booth and make the speech to nation and empire.  I, in my humble commoner way, do poetry readings on-line up from up here in my small Lewes study and there are times when it feels just as it would have done for his late majesty.

I thought I would use this forum to expose and challenge my stammer with a view to, one day, eliminating it. So have a look and a listen – the idea was to make a short speech about stammering with no rehearsal and in one take – Utube seems to have gone out of synch which is annoying:

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  1. Annoying and a little ironic! 🙂
    But the things you say are always filled with wisdom and elegance! It's a joy to be able to hear you.

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