WolfieWolfgang witnesses the birth of the New Ron-Ron’s

Only one day to go before the new store across the road opens here in Lewes in the UK – all week there has been palpable excitement as the comings and going in what used to be Ron’s Shop intensify. And that isn’t just me being a nosey neighbour – or is it? Ron’s Shop, by the way, was our local convenience store, known cruelly as our “inconvenience store.” It closed three years ago after Ron had a stroke and sold up after 25 years here to go and live with his daughter. I have been waiting impatiently ever since to see what kind of fanciful emporium would replace it. Well, no need for guesswork now. It is going to be called Pleasant Stores and it will stock most things that anyone with the name wolfiewolfgang will like. Lucky then that I live so near. 
In case you are wondering about the man standing in the doorway, he is the driver of the latest van to park outside the shop and, as you can see by its signage, he will be delivering more treats to be left dangling just within my reach.

I suspect that only good things too come from The Old Dairy, the latest van to arrive outside here.

The new owner of the “New Ron-Ron’s,”  Sara Grisewood has posted an inspirational sign in her window celebrating, in the most low-tech way imaginable, just some of the goodies that she will be selling.

I am intrigued to read that apart from proper coffee, organic cheese, local milk and eggs – I am already swooning here and dribbling Pavlovian saliva all over the computer keyboard –  the New Ron-Ron’s is also going to sell, amongst other things, “flintowl bread” (for those who don’t know, it is made with organic flour and low levels of yeast in a long fermentation process), Ben’s “smokey candlings”, chard “from Mark’s allotment”, Jane’s Bonfire Relish and Sara’s mum’s marmalade. Oh yes, they will do stamps, Owen’s Pizzas, whoever Owen is,  and Bird’s Custard too. In other words, it is going to be Heaven on Earth so I shall definitely be celebrating at the opening tomorrow at 12 noon. Here is an illicit peep inside sneakily shot the other day whilst preparations were still in full swing. I bet you wish you lived in Lewes.

Look in to the shop tomorrow if you are nearby or look in here if you want to see my new “The New Ron-Ron’s” movie.

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