Wolfiewolfgang’s blog is four years old today.

President Obama 2008

President Obama 2012

It’s been a tough four years for many of us since I began my daily blogs on 28th December 2008 but no matter how bleak times have got, the blogs began with and carry on with two great political victories. I was hopeful then and I remain so now even though my utopian hopes for the World are not much nearer to realization. I was only recently out of hospital when I wrote my first blog and, maybe, I was feeling over-emotional and merely thankful to be alive but, re-reading those naive thoughts delivered then, I stand by every word. Maybe this time…….


It is good to be told be happy – sometimes it is too easy to be miserable. At Christmas I am happy that we have a time set aside where we can delight in those we love and, maybe give them some joy as well as happily accepting their love. It is a feast time too – yay! Lets celebrate that. Can we not enjoy the fun and humour of feasting with the people we love – if only once a year?

Well, sadly, no. Most of us can’t because we are poor, starving, imprisoned, ill or alone. For so many people, it is often the time of regret and sadness…..no loved ones, no joy and certainly no fun and laughter.On Earth, peace and good will to all men…if only.

Can we not try it this time? Hey, we have a shiny new President in America and some hope. It is within our gift if we looked beyond our own small circle. Can we do that? I fear not. It hasn’t happened yet. But, one day, just maybe. Can’t we give it a chance?


My thanks to all of you who have been reading my blogs which have appeared without break for four years today with 150,000 visits from people in 191 countries around the world. Let’s keep this thing going!

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