Wolves go head on in Cai Gau-Qiang’s brilliant artwork

Head On by Cai Gau-Qiang

The Chinese artist Cai Gau-Qiang, who now lives in New York, made this extraordinary installation in 2006 for the Deutsche Guggenheim exhibition of his work in Berlin.

Head On comprises 99 specially made wolves (there are no wolf parts involved in their construction) that are shown in pack formation running towards a glass wall where they crash, pick themselves up and run off to repeat the same process ad infinitum. It is Mr Cai’s image of Berlin’s recent history but also a profoundly disturbing and inspiring abstract image about, not just wolves, but us human beings too.

Here is Cai Gau-Qiang explaining his intentions followed by :

And here is the video artist known as Devilmonkey 1192 giving us an audio interpretation of this powerful work:


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