Wolves Jumping Hurdles

Congratulations to Mr. Jose Luis Rodrigues who has just won the Veolia Environment Wild Life Photographer of the Year 2009 with this inspirational shot of a hunting wolf.

Surely it is not only me, a self-confessed wolf, who can enjoy the excitement of this beautiful creature as it leaps gracefully into the air in what is clearly a chase with dinner as the desired prize.

The photograph lets us appreciate this beast’s full body control, the neatly tucked front paws, the elasticity of its hind legs seen at full extension and the tight abdomen focusing muscle strength for that leap. All the senses are engaged, the pricked up ears, the wet twitching nose, salivating mouth and, of course, those intensely focused eyes.

No matter who the unfortunate victim, whether it is Bambi or, preferably, one, if not all of those awful kids’ show characters, The Teletubbies, you have to admire this perfectly poised moment of blood lust which is also a celebration of life.

We, the wolves of the World, salute you Mr. Rodriguez. I only wish I could take my life’s hurdles in the same spirit.

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