The worst album covers ever – I love them all.

Poor Freddie Gage, it must be sad to have lost all your friends but this album sure ain’t gonna bring you any new ones. I have an awful feeling that his performance may have killed them all off.

Actually there is nothing I can add to these – I wanted to make a top ten of the worst album covers ever but they are all so wonderful that I had to make them all Number Ones – or did I mean Number Twos? However I do have to give a special mention for Svetlana Gruebbersolvik’s lips, Wayne Newton’s face and John Bult’s carefully poised cigarette. My sympathies are extended, from a great distance, to Heino’s mother, she should be very afraid and to Jesus who really doesn’t deserve  The Faith Tones’ offer from Hell.

We only have one request for Ken – just don’t, OK.

Oh Svetlana! So innocent!

I know I shouldn’t take this one literally but how did Quim get his pants off whilst playing the accordion?

I wonder what the worst of Wayne Newton looks like…

Sometimes Boy Bands just don’t know when to quit. In their case, it’s before he cops get them.

Poor Julie – what did she do to deserve John? She’s got her eyes on his lager – he just wants to finish his cigarette.

I think Cody is already having a feeling and I’m sure we don’t want to know how he got it.

Jesus, look away now.

Dear Mother of God!!!! What is he going to do? Look into his eyes and run.

I know you can’t have eleven records in a top ten but, indulge me, I just couldn’t leave out this belter – I expect she sings quite loudly too:


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