Would you do a deal with nice Mr Cameron?

I know that Britain is a capitalist country where trade is not something to look down on and I also realize that our government’s trade trip to Egypt and the Middle East had been planned for some time when Britain was still best friends with President Mubarrak and Colonel Gaddafi but it does feel a bit tacky somehow for David Cameron to have carried on with the mission so soon after the fall of the Egyptian dictator as if nothing had happened. He has set out on a trip with various business gurus, mostly arms dealers,  as he previously did with overwhelming lack of success in India and China.

“I hope this isn’t an inconvenient moment, madam, but I was in the area and I wondered if I  could interest you in a few guns and maybe the odd fighter aircraft.”

He may not achieve many big sales whilst the Middle East is in turmoil but he is certainly succeeding in rebranding Britain as the shifty door-to-door salesman of the World.

“Can I sell you a pup?”

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