Writing poetry is a job for grown ups

A few days ago I had another poem accepted for publication.

I was obviously really pleased.

I have only been sending material off to publishers since last September and this new success makes it seven poems published since then.

I am obviously really pleased.

Why is it then that I thought, great to get that poem accepted but what about the other two I sent in? What was wrong with them?

It is just the way I am, I guess. Good news always has a tinge of sadness about it for me and I suspect it always will.

I have been looking at those rejected poems. Should I re-write them or stick with them? Should I give up on them altogether and reject them too?

Being a poet isn’t as easy as it sounds.

I have made a cup of tea and I will consider what to do next.

Ummmmmmm…………….but I am still obviously really pleased.

Whilst you are here, I have published some of my garden photographs above in the Home and Garden chapter……take a look if you have a moment.

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