Yoko Ono has designs for men but maybe not for me.

Now don’t get me wrong, OK? I’ve got nothing against the adventurously avant-garde, Japanese Beatle widow, Yoko Ono. I know many adoring Beatlemania fans try to get us to hate her but all that fails with me. I met her once, in New York, and considered her to be the epitome of an upper-middle class Japanese lady, very polite and dignified. It’s her new men’s clothes collection that I’m less sure about. Not for me, babe, sorry but maybe on the right guy. Someone like Barrack Obama, he can get away with anything these days,  but definitely good for not the British prime minister, spud-u-like, David Cameron. Please someone persuade him to wear the above to the European summit – it would up his credibility no end.

Yoko Ono

No I’ve nothing against Yoko Ono, she has always said it as it seems to her and she might even be seen one day as a pioneering conceptual artist who kept going when most people ridiculed her efforts.  Beyond that, one of my great heroes was very close to her (see below) and I’d really like to have met John Lennon (1940-1980).

John Lennon and Yoko Ono

There was nothing John wouldn’t do for her and neither of them were ever scared of making tits of themselves which was probably just as well.  I don’t want to show you her new designs just to snigger. Honest.

In fact, the light-up male bra apart, there is something witty and fun about her work and, after-all, I’m probably just jealous because I couldn’t get away with wearing any of it except possibly on my own in a submarine at the bottom of the ocean with the lights out.

Yoko Ono will always have a place in my affections though, if not for her clothes, then because she always reminds me of a great artist sadly missed and when they were performing together, she knew when to keep quiet.

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