Blue Notes, Still Frames – my new Brighton novel gets a rock ‘n roll launch in Brighton.

Have A Host, Ellis Collins with Octopuses and me at the Blue Notes, Still Frames launch.


It was a great night, last Thursday, when my new Brighton novel, Blue Notes, Still Frames (Ward Wood Publishing) was launched at Have A Word in Brighton’s smart Latest Music Bar. I was reading from the novel along with friends and fellow Sussex novelists, Vg Lee  and Allie Roberts. The evening ended with a terrific set from my son, Adam Bell’s Brighton based band, Octopuses. It wasn’t just me who thought it was a great night – that was the general consensus too.

I was reading from my new Brighton novel, Blue Notes, Still Frames.


I think it must’ve been a world first for a novel to be launched by the novelist and the novelist’s son’s rock band – if this is a precedent, I recommend it highly.

It was appropriate for a number of reasons; my novels and the band are based in Brighton and the book has an important music theme – thus the blue notes. The main character, Joe Edevane, is a flautist busker and Octopuses have a flautist in their line-up.  So the  event was full of shared themes and interests. Octopuses played from their current album, Yes Please, and they brought the evening to a rousing conclusion.

Here’s one of their latest videos – take a look:



  1. Wonderfully inventive video. You might say it was buzzin’…. I’m sure the novel is it’s equal. Ring them bells!

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