Colin Bell

Colin Bell

Colin Bell is a novelist, poet and blogger. He was born in a Franciscan convent in Surrey but grew up in Sussex – almost everything that he has done, he did for the first time in Brighton where his novels are set. After working in Manchester for Granada Television, he returned to Brighton. He now lives in Lewes because, he says, it’s the urban equivalent of BBC Radio Four. His first novel, Stephen Dearsley’s Summer of Love (Ward Wood Publishing, 2013) was long-listed for the Polari Prize. His second Brighton novel, Blue Notes, Still Frames (Ward Wood Publishing) was published in January 2017. His poetry has been published in the UK and the USA where he was nominated for the 2016 Pushcart Prize. Before becoming a writer, Colin Bell was a TV producer-director and executive producer making arts programmes for ITV, Channel Four, the BBC and also for American, Japanese and German broadcasters.

100 years in The Waste Land

T.S. Eliot’s masterpiece is 100 years old this year and I am preparing to read the complete poem online in the virtual world known as Secondlife to mark the centenary of its publication. Yes, virtual worlds really do support writers…

Have we done enough?

I am thinking about the women and girls of Afghanistan. Was this really the best the world could have done for them? These twenty years of corrupt and ineffectual Afghan governments seemed better than the terrible Taliban regime that proceeded…