Eve (and Adam) keep falling.

There are two poems about Adam and Eve in my new poetry collection, Remembering Blue, this one, Eve, came together as a little film made in my home town of Lewes, UK. Maybe I’m a bit obsessed by our earliest, or maybe-not ancestors. There was always something that interested me about the fall from paradise, the punishment of having to live in our world, the real world. Actually, part of the interest was that people believed the story. If our world is a punishment, it’s of our own making, as today’s impressive idealistic young environmentalists tell us. We fell into paradise, not out of it, and then we messed it up. The real fall of man comes later.

Adam and Eve by Gustave Courtois
Remembering Blue by Colin Bell (Ward Wood Publishing, 2019)


  1. Hi there.
    A friend told me about your blog regarding South Strand, Angmering on Sea.
    I live in South Strand opposite White Lodge nursing home and was wondering where you lived, and when?
    Do you have any photos of the area?

    • Hi Des, Yes, I lived in White Lodge in the through the 1950s – my first home – when it was a single story art-deco residence. I have some photographs which I plan to digitise at some point and I may well post them on here. Best wishes.

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