First the Fibonacci Poem and then the Movie


It has been an interesting month for my Fibonacci poetry – first, I’ve had three new poems published in the Fib Review, see yesterday’s post, and now I have seen the splendid animated film that Joseph Nussbaum has made of one of these poems, Alcyon and Ceyx.  Joseph has made a number of films around my poetry in the past and I’m really happy that he has done this new one. It has been entered for an award in Australia and I hope it does well.  This is not only an interesting way of making movies but it’s a great way to get poetry out there to people who may not make a habit of reading poetry. whether you like poetry or not,  I hope you will like Joseph’s film about the young couple, from the Roman poet Ovid’s The Metamorphoses, whose love in anticipation of Wagner, survives beyond death.

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