I like Elizabeth Warren – I hope that doesn’t spook her chances of being the next US President.

Democrat Senator Elizabeth Warren at the first 2019 Democrat Presidential Candidates Televised Debate.

Yes, I like Elizabeth Warren. I would’ve preferred her as the Democrat presidential candidate the last time, in 2016, instead of Hillary Clinton, but she didn’t stand. Maybe she should’ve, but, just maybe, her time has arrived this year now that she’s turned 70 without losing any of her vigour, passion or any of her very impressive marbles. She has been making quite a mark so far and her catch phrase, “I have a plan for that” makes a refreshing change from the clueless opinions of the current American president, or from the scared-to-say-what they-really-think leaders in British politics.

Elizabeth Warren, bright, feisty and fearlessly combative.

Elizabeth Warren is clever – she is an expert in economics, specialising in bankruptcy law reform where the little guy was always the real victim. She formed her plans from the starting point of wanting to bring equality into economic affairs, including her prophetic warnings before 2008 about the consequences ahead caused by the unregulated greed of the banks and big corporations. We could have done with her then – and we need her now.

Democratic presidential candidate and U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) speaks during the California Democratic Convention in San Francisco, California, U.S. June 1, 2019. REUTERS/Stephen Lam

She is far from being just a smart economics professor hitting the campaign trail – she is a true democrat, a liberal, a compassionate politician and, important this, a real fighter, who really wants to make a difference to everyone’s lives – black Americans, Latino Americans, female Americans, poor Americans LGBT Americans and, if any of those who don’t immediately recognise themselves from this list, all those other Americans who don’t believe that extremely rich Americans should dodge paying their way through taxation by hiding their yachts, diamonds and Rembrandts.

You would all be better off with Elizabeth Warren – your great country really could be great again, and we, in the rest of the world (North Korea and Russia, apart), would heave one giant sigh of post-Trumpian relief .

I like her.


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