My new poetry collection, Remembering Blue, begins with a haiku

The first page in my new poetry collection, Remembering Blue

My debut poetry collection is called Remembering Blue after a line in the opening poem, Haiku.

The poem was my first attempt at writing in this difficult Japanese short-form poetry style. I’m still not sure if I fulfil all the demands of Haiku traditionalists, but it works for me and it acts as an appropriate preface to the collection.

The poem had been around for a few years before it appeared in Remembering Blue – it has even been made into a little film by my talented friend Joseph Nussbaum in the virtual world Second Life. You can still see it on Youtube., along with other films he’s made with my poetry.

The paperback edition of Remembering Blue (published by Ward Wood Publishing) is, maybe, best purchased from Wordery for free worldwide postage:

The digital edition is available as a Kindle – buy it online from Amazon in your country.


  1. The film is really beautiful, well done Wolfie with the words, music and dancer…..
    simply spiritual.
    Love Dagmar.

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