Remembering Peter Fonda – the easy rider

I was sad to hear of Peter Fonda’s death, not just because he starred in Easy Rider, one of my favourite films, or just because he was unusual for a Hollywood star (in those days) to take an active role in the counter revolution of the late 1960s, but also because I have personal memories of the time when I met him and filmed him in 1986 when making the British TV documentary, It Was Twenty Years Ago Today. He was fun and amusing and on my initial recce trip to meet him in Livingstone, Montana, he invited me to race him back to his ranch a few miles away. I had a big American car (can’t remember the make) and he had something fast and expensive. He sped off, a challenge I think, so I had to put my foot down to keep up with him. We spent the evening sitting in directors’ chairs, drinking Californian white wine, on the veranda of his house and watching the light fade over the Rocky Mountains. It was a truly memorable occasion. He was an old friend, it seemed, when we met again for the filming in Los Angeles. RIP Peter Fonda, you were a good man.

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