Ten years on – my life in two photographs

Me in October 2011 (left) and then in October 2021 (right) photographs by David Stacey

The first portrait photograph of me was honest, I thought, no frills, just me as I was that day. sitting in front of the Georgian fireplace in my Lewes home. It was as true an image as photography can deliver. The idea to replicate the photograph only occurred when Facebook reminded me that it had been taken exactly ten years ago. Facebook, for all its faults, acts as a useful diary of our lives. Earlier this month, I had just recovered from an annoying cold which had lowered my spirits and made me feel like I had one foot in the grave. It was then that my photographer friend David Stacey, who had taken the original photograph, suggested making a new portrait to match. I hesitated thinking hang on a minute, it’s bad enough feeling old let alone advertising the fact. We had lunch, our regular monthly meet up, and I was persuaded – what the heck! We arranged my living room to match how it had looked ten years earlier and I sat down in that chair. I’m glad we did it not just because time hasn’t been that cruel to me so far – well not as much as I’d imagined, and also because it was an interesting project in itself – letting the camera record a life. Dave threatens to take another one in ten years time – let’s see about that.

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